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20-80 for Immigrants and Refugees from Ukraine

Emergency fundraising in favor of expanding our activities to the Russian and Ukrainian languages.

• Hotline in Russian Sunday-Thursday 9:00-15:00.

• Recruitment of young native speakers in the cities and communities the refugees and immigrants will be inhabited.

• Translation of the publications and their accessibility to immigrants and refugees.

• Local support systems by connecting young people to seniors nearby via an app.

Thanks to you, we can help immigrants and refugees the day after and allow them to be settle in well in the community.

Each donation will help us expand the circle of support for new immigrants and refugees.

All donations to "Connections 20-80" are recognized for tax purposes according to section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance - No. 580700235

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Ways of assistance:

Connecting the veterans to the local community on the day after and assisting the community's residents in a variety of needs:

Bureaucratic accompaniment: Help with connection to public services, health fund, public transport and more

• Digital and technological assistance: connection to mobile and computer interfaces

• Transportation of shopping and medicines

• Medical accompaniment: tests and vaccinations

• Assistance in major repairs and renovations by professionals

• Familiarity with the new living area

• Assistance in remote translation

• Ongoing telephone answering and connection to relevant services

The State of Israel is preparing to take in 10,000 new immigrants and thousands of refugees - thousands of them veterans who will come here alone without a family support network.

Our goal:

Connect the old immigrants and refugees to the local community and create a social network support system for them that will allow them optimal absorption.

This is our opportunity to help here in the State of Israel the day after the emergency.


The veterans who will come here have gone through a lot and the entrance to Israel will be a bright spot at this point in time.


However, the absorption challenges will accompany them years later so they need us.


Thanks to you we will not leave them alone.

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